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We're one of Summerville's finest purveyors of all things pop culture! We sell new and old single issues, graphic novels, VINYL, dvd's and every kind of collectible in between! To include a very large and ever changing Funko Pop wall.

Soundwave wasn't always a comic book joint it started out as a music and movie store in 2008 with only a tiny four foot section of comics. BUT with our new bigger location, we are bringing it all back VINYL, DVDS, CD's and more and becoming Summerville's Multi Media Store. 


Greg store owner, lover of tater tots and everything Batman will tell you he had much help from great people along the way.

We Provide...

A monthly subscription service, when you sign up for 5 different titles and will still save 10% on your new titles.

  • Contact info of email or phone must be provided when signing up.

  • Comics must be picked up at least once a month.

  • After every 6 weeks (if no arrangement made) all comics not picked up will be re-stocked and your subscription will no longer be active. The dates listed are when subscription (Subs) will be re-stocked. 

Sub Re-Stocks for 2023

  • 01/14/2023

  • 02/25/2023

  • 04/08/2023

  • 05/20/2023

  • 07/01/2023

  • 08/12/2023

  • 09/23/2023

  • 11/04/2023

  • 12/16/2023


Buy comics and collectibles (i.e. FunkoPops, boxed statues) selectively. We also ask that you call or message the store before hand to speak with Greg to make sure it's some thing the store would be interested in, so no ones time is taken up and if interested he can make an appointment with you to come to store. 

If we buy, it is cash or store credit. If you take the cash offer then you must be able to provide ID.

  • We do not buy/sell/trade gaming/sports cards.

  • Cash and store credit amounts offered are not retail amounts

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