hey soundwavians

We are still digging deep into the vaults of Soundwave as some of you have noticed in the store so please be patient with us while we do get things sorted for our Saturday Night Special shows and coming soon to The Vault page.

A new (try-out) page is in works on the website it will have merchandise new to the store and the deals they may have AND the first to spy is new POSTERS.

So look for the new tab/page called NEW MERCH.

Then click on the category you would like to view. If you see something you would like to grab you can call the shop at (843)821-8810 and we will be glad to hold for you. Some are very limited quantities so make sure to grab your favorites today! 

Also check out our About and Services page! There is more to come! So keep checking back. Message our FB page if you would like to make a suggestion on what you would like to see on the site. Might be able to work with some. 

Make sure to also check out our FaceBook page for more daily updates!

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special STORE DEAL 

All Month Long!

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Make sure to contact the store to let us know to add to your subscriber list and not miss out and check out the link for cover art and a list of all the TIE-IN's. And if interested in any of those let the store know. 

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After being elected New York City's mayor due to his activities under the Darkforce Dome, Wilson Fisk has been quietly amassing both political power and an underground army of supervillains. To test the effectiveness of his recruited villains, the Thunderbolts were dispatched against the Symbiote Invasion to a desired outcome. Now, with meticulous intelligence gathering and patient machinations, Fisk is ready to use his accumulated resources in order to finally rid his city of its costumed vigilante problem. Outlawing vigilantism to declare war on heroes from street level to even earth's mightiest, Fisk will unleash even their own dark secrets against them. No hero is safe from Fisk bringing his vision of order to fruition.


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